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National Guidelines for Indigenous Heritage Management

Client: Australian Cultural Development Office, Department of Communication and the Arts (AIATSIS, Australian Nature Conservation Agency, Australian Heritage Commission, ATSIC)

Location/s: Sydney (NSW), Darwin (NT), Brisbane (Qld), Canberra (ACT), Melbourne (VIC), Hobart (Tas), Perth (WA)

Development of National Guidelines for the Management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Places. This project required preparation of guidelines compatible (where possible) with the Burra Charter, after extensive consultation with Indigenous communities and heritage professionals. The guidelines were recommended for adoption by Justice Elizabeth Evatt as part of her review of the federal…

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Universities-Museum Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Client: Thee universities and a major museum

Location/s: NSW, Qld

Facilitation of dispute resolution / strategic decision-making workshop between senior representatives of interstate organisations. Pro Vice-Chancellors (Research) from three universities in NSW and Queensland and a Museum Director took part in this successful mediation.

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Queensland Indigenous Working Group Negotiation with Queensland Government

Client: Queensland Indigenous Working Group

Location/s: Brisbane (Qld)

Provision of high level advice to the Queensland Indigenous Working Group during their negotiation with the Queensland Government about proposed new cultural heritage legislation, and facilitation of development of model legislation.

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Cape York Regional Land Management Planning

Client: Queensland Dept of Environment & Heritage and Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation

Location/s: Laura, Hopevale, Brisbane (Qld)

Development of a management strategy for Aboriginal lands and art sites, negotiated over several months with community rangers and at community meetings. Later presented as a case study in land management issues and community planning for training regional staff of the Department of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, Qld.

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Laura Community Planning

Client: Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation

Location/s: Laura (Qld)

Facilitation of a three day workshop for the management committee and community leaders to produce a draft community development strategy. This document, written by the group, established priorities for the community and was used as the basis for the successful development of detailed economic and social planning by the community.

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