Some Featured Projects

Aboriginal Place Project Guidelines

Client: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Location/s: Sydney (NSW)

Stakeholder consultation, examination of case material and development of of guidelines to allow the development and assessment of Proposal for Aboriginal Places under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 as amended. This project involved development of methodology to deal with sensitive issues in relation to the documentation of evidence regarding secret and sacred…

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Universities-Museum Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Client: Thee universities and a major museum

Location/s: NSW, Qld

Facilitation of dispute resolution / strategic decision-making workshop between senior representatives of interstate organisations. Pro Vice-Chancellors (Research) from three universities in NSW and Queensland and a Museum Director took part in this successful mediation.

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Queensland Indigenous Working Group Negotiation with Queensland Government

Client: Queensland Indigenous Working Group

Location/s: Brisbane (Qld)

Provision of high level advice to the Queensland Indigenous Working Group during their negotiation with the Queensland Government about proposed new cultural heritage legislation, and facilitation of development of model legislation.

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International Development and Future Planning, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Client: The Fred Hollows Foundation

Location/s: Thailand

Designed and facilitated a three day international Forum in Thailand for FHF international partners. Meeting of 80 participants from Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nepal. India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Australia and Cameroon.

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Wyanga Service Quality Review

Client: Wyanga Aged Care Program

Location/s: Redfern

Facilitated a Carer’s Forum which reviewed carer’s issues and workshopped and updated a carers handbook and kit.

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